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SliceIQ was created to meet the development needs of companies in different industries. With a focus on IT management needs in the distributed environment. With over 20 years of software development and management experience.


AWS consulting

Gain strategic insights and accelerate your business with our expert consulting services for your AWS cloud. We provide tailored solutions and guidance to help you overcome challenges, optimize costs, and achieve sustainable success.


Unlock innovation and drive growth with our Research and Development services. Our expert team utilizes cutting-edge methodologies to conduct comprehensive research, enabling you to stay ahead of the competition and bring groundbreaking ideas to life.

Staff Augmentation

A team hired for your needs and fully managed by you. Long-term, strategic partnership.
A dedicated Team formed for specific need from external or internal available resources.
Client is defining the process team follows. SliceIQ is responsible for HR, Retention, Offices, etc.

Product Development

Our Team, our process and our planning. Delivered by SliceIQ internal staff with our internal quality management process. Client is giving requirements and approves project plan. SliceIQ delivers according to the plan and manages all aspects of development.

Big Data

Our dedicated team of data engineers, architects, and analysts are well-versed in cutting-edge technologies and industry best practices. We offer a wide range of services designed to address your unique business needs.

Experiences We've Created

Development of custom cloud management & monitoring solution for internal & customers' needs in order to improve cloud cost visibility according to AWS best practices.

AWS cost optimization

Empowering mining company with custom software solution. Team delivered a comprehensive system that streamlined operations, enhanced data analysis, and optimized resource allocation, resulting in increased productivity and cost savings for the customer.

Oil and gas

Enhancing insurance customer with our staff augmentation services. We provided skilled professionals who seamlessly integrated into client's team, enabling him to tackle more complex technical challenges.

Insurance tech

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