CloudAvocado: cloud cost optimization tool for AWS

Development of custom cloud management & monitoring solution for internal needs in order to improve cloud cost visibility according to AWS best practices.


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Problem statement

Company often faces difficulties with tracking own cost of AWS cloud when using AWS cost tracking services. Another problem is lack of utilization analytics, that increases potential waste caused by underutilized resources. There are lots of manual timeconsumable routine when creating cost allocation reports or chanigng state of resources from different accounts and regions;

SliceIQ involvement

Team's goal is to cover next cloud user's challenges within single platform/solution using required data from AWS:

  • Access all your resources within one list
  • Separate non-production resources
  • Calculate cost
  • Create & apply schedule to group of resources in different regions
  • Calculate saving
  • Resource identification
  • Cost allocation
  • Dynamic cloud environment
  • Detection of unoptimized areas
  • Track optimization progress & achievements
  • Calculate actual monthly cost
  • Detect underutilized resources
  • Scale according to utilization
  • Calculate savings

Value created

Initial concept has evolved into a full scale solution for AWS cost management that merges required optimization tooling in an intuitive interface. Platform has resulted in four main features: Resources directly interact with all of your resources at once despite their region and account: turn them on and off, change ownership, assign tags and schedules. Request dynamic reports to discover cost of required resources using filtering by tag, region, instance type, owner and time period. Optimization Lab a feature that helps to identify cost spent on underutilized resources. Search & filter unoptimized usage by account, region or a custom tag. Dashboardthat provides visualizations of your cost distribution and potential savings across your organizational units. Discover expenditures breakdown along with unoptimized cost for requested accounts, tags, projects regions and desired time periods. Cloud Health allows to understand the current state of your environment by tracking scheduling, ownership and tagging; it also provides to your review available recommendations for the unoptimized resources. Also platform includes basic functionalities like Tags, Schedules resources with , scheduling, managing users and assigning resources ownership Today, Cloud Avocado is a publicly available solutuion that has subscription plans, including free usage for small teams.

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Development of custom cloud management & monitoring solution for internal & customers' needs in order to improve cloud cost visibility according to AWS best practices.

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